A performance by Koreja

A shot in the dark

Idea by Gemma Carbone
With Gemma Carbone
Written by Giancarlo De Cataldo, Gemma Carbone, Giulia Maria Falzea, Riccardo Festa
Director assistants Giulia Maria Falzea, Riccardo Festa
Music by Harriett Ohlsson
Costumes by Marika Hansson
Lights and scenes by Gemma and Carlo Carbone
With the artistic consultation of Salvatore Tramacere
Actor research in collaboration with Marco Sgrosso
With support of Konstnrsnmnden, in collaboration with LArboreto Teatro Dimora, Armunia Centro di residenza artistica Castiglioncello - Festival Inequilibrio, Residenza Idra
Organization and tourne Laura Scorrano, Georgia Tramacere
Co-production NAPRAWSKI (SWE)

"So, the prophecy has been fulfilled: we live in a world where the highest function of the Sign is to make Reality disappear, and, at the same time,

to mask that disappearance.
This is a story of a crime - the murder of Reality.
And the extermination of an illusion, the vital illusion,

the radical Illusion of the World."
Jean Baudrillard


This show is a thriller-show.
There are a stubborn and lonely police officer, a victim, a killer, a widow, political intrigues, cold coffee, cold blood and birch trees.
Above all, there is a mystery to solve.

GUL means yellow in Swedish. Yellow, giallo in Italian, is the term that, in Italy, describes the genre of any form of thriller or crime stories.
This show combines two elements that, although remote at first sight, are mutually pertinent. The first element is the giallo genre; the second element is the assassination of the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, one of the most traumatic event of European contemporary history.
In 1986, the assassination of Olof Palme changed the political and financial balances of the planet. Still, nowadays, what we have left from it is no more than a story dense in conspiracies, interests, national mourning and assassins who have never been arrested.
An excellent cold case, a forgotten Swedish thriller.

Secrets, Social-Democracy and sanguine snow.



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Next date:

24 maggio 2019

at 19:30

Milano, Teatro Elfo Puccini

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