A performance by Koreja

Theatrical audio-guided tour to the hypogea mills of Salento

Directed by Salvatore Tramacere
Dramaturgy by Paolo Pagliani
With Giovanni De Monte
Sound by Mario Daniele

The performance aims to let visitors find out the technological, architectural, symbolic and historical aspects of the hypogea mills of Salento. At the entrance each visitor puts on wireless headphones to listen to the sound reconstructions of the activity that took place in the mill accompanied by music and narrating voices. Who worked in the "trappeto" (hypogea mills) speaks, the "nachiro" (the helmsman that led the navigation in the sea of oil) speaks, but also barons, marquises, architects and ASL inspectors, they speak too. An actor dialogues with these voices and lead the group of visitors. He plays the role that in the oil mills was given to the youngest: the busboy. The performance is an innovative way to use places linked to the tradition. The visitor/spectator is no longer a simple observer, but he participates in a sensory experience, in a kind of reality alternated by the interaction between the place, the actor and the sounds in the headphones. At the end of the tour you can taste the local oil in collaboration with local producers.
The performance is for limited groups of visitors/spectators and it can be presented several times during the day.

Next date:

15 dicembre 2018

at 20:00

Ostuni, frantoio ipogeo di Masseria Brancati

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